You’ve never seen “The Notebook” until you’ve seen it through my eyes

They edited out Ryan Gosling’s beard in this photo. Has anyone else ever noticed? Do you even care?!

I can’t even describe how unexcited I am to watch this movie.

Steph picked it and I screamed with pain and she smiled with joy. She really thinks I’ll like it, so I’m already trying 50% harder to hate it.

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Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Except me. I totally did.

Well, I’m back. We’ve had visitors. I learned how to lift weights and kind of got obsessed with going to the gym. I played video games and bought groceries.

Then I decided I was ready to watch a movie and write another post. You’re welcome.

I present to you: Dirty Dancing – England Nights. Or something…

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My wife made me watch: Pure Country

I’m from Texas. George Strait will always be the country singing legend of Texas. His Houston rodeo concerts are practically a religious event. I remember when he held his last concert in the Astrodome. I owned the CD of concert. Hell, I’ll say he’s the last country singer that can sing with only a fiddle and guitar. U mad Lady Antebellum? Even Garth Brooks in his final concerts in College Station (I WAS THERE) sat on the edge of the stage with his guitar and sang George Strait songs for his encore. That’s how big George Strait is in Texas.

So you can imagine my wife’s surprise when she found out I’ve never seen this film. I cringed when she actually recommended it and shook my head as I pressed play. I’ve seen it now. Yep.

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15 reasons I’m not cool enough to watch Do The Right Thing

I really wanted to do a regular recap of this movie, but from the beginning I knew I would end up watching and not writing anything. I’m definitely a fan of Spike Lee, but for some reason I never watched this movie. I don’t have a reason why, I just never got around to it I guess. While watching, I learned why. I’m not cool enough. There’s no way I was cool enough when this came out in 1989 and I’m way less cooler in 2012. However, this blog does not care if I’m cool or not, I must watch what the wife says. Here are 15 great reason I’m still not cool enough to watch Do The Right Thing.

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