My wife made me watch: The Godfather

I can sum up everything I felt about the Godfather in one gif.



You’ve never seen “The Notebook” until you’ve seen it through my eyes

They edited out Ryan Gosling’s beard in this photo. Has anyone else ever noticed? Do you even care?!

I can’t even describe how unexcited I am to watch this movie.

Steph picked it and I screamed with pain and she smiled with joy. She really thinks I’ll like it, so I’m already trying 50% harder to hate it.

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Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Except me. I totally did.

Well, I’m back. We’ve had visitors. I learned how to lift weights and kind of got obsessed with going to the gym. I played video games and bought groceries.

Then I decided I was ready to watch a movie and write another post. You’re welcome.

I present to you: Dirty Dancing – England Nights. Or something…

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